The 10 best free web analytics tools

Therefore, The 10 best free web analytics tools. Every data analyst knows the importance of web analytics , and basing our strategies on assumptions is not a good idea. It is better to rely on statistical sources. For this reason, in this article. Therefore, we present you the best web analytics tools , completely free. So that you can analyze and visualize data without fear of being hit with a huge bill for it. Acquisition analysis : you will know where your visits are coming from, since.  You can see if they come from Google, paid advertising campaigns, social networks, referrals, etc. Retention Analysis – You will see user retention and frequency of use of your website. 

Microsoft Clarity

Google Analytics 4 (GA4) is the latest version of Google’s web analytics tool. Although many point out that this version is more tedious and complex to use than the previous one, the truth is that with a high level of knowledge of it we will obtain enormous versatility to measure a large amount of data within our website or application . Some of the things you email leads can do with Google Analytics 4 are.=

Request approval of your website

Even if you have the code inserted correctly, ads will not be displayed if your website is not approved by AdSense. Therefore, it is important to go through the AdSense approval phase and, unfortunately, in some cases it is complicated. Verify Google AdSense website Specifically. Therefore, the most important thing for your Forex Email List website to be approved in AdSense. Therefore, is that your website is accessible. A good user experience, and that most of its content is of quality (better than what already exists on the Internet). I advise you to visit your website as if you were not its creator, and see the design and content aspects. 

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