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What is important, we do not consider the employer’s access to the employee’s mailbox to be monitoring. The same will be the case when we replace an employee during his absence and respond to e-mails in order to ensure the constant provision of services. Such rights do not result from the provisions on monitoring, but from the supervisory nature of the employer. This justification can also be found in the views of the doctrine and experts in the field of labor law.

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However, mail monitoring may not violate the confidentiality of correspondence and other personal rights of the employee. In Latest Mailing Database practice, this means that the employer is not entitld to verify and view private e-mails. If it happens that a person close to the employee sends him a message to the company mailbox relatd to private matters picking up a child from kindergarten – the employer cannot read such a message.

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It should be rememberd that the confidentiality of correspondence is defind as one of the personal rights indicatd in art. 23 of the Civil Forex Email List Code, is also additionally. Protectd in the Constitution of the Republic of Poland itself. The prohibition is therefore absolute. Obligations resulting from the GDPR The employer is not only “bound” by the legal regime and restrictions containd in the Labor Code. Conducting monitoring, regardless of its form, is in most cases relatd to the processing of personal data. The processing of personal data is regulatd in the regulation on the protection of personal data.

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