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Unfortunately, the lion’s share of incidents are due to human error, and it’s hard to avoid that. Even if employees are trained and aware of the risks, they usually work under time pressure, which is very incidental. Either way, it’s always better to have an incident on Monday morning than on Friday afternoon… It’s also a bad situation when incidents happen during holidays or holidays. Then, you often have to face a situation in which, for example, an employee with knowledge of the event is on leave.

To conduct audits including inspections

But let’s put these bad thoughts aside and focus on the tasks that await us. I have several contracts and procedures to analyze, clauses to whatsapp mobile number list adjust, a messy report to finish, online training to be carried out and everything that will come along the way. most often telephone calls, urgent incidents and incidents. We do not like the latter, because not only can they be risky for the administrator, but also looking at the matter from the employee’s perspective.

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Authorized by the administrator

They disrupt the work plan and result in delays in the performance of other tasks. It is particularly uncomfortable when we Forex Email List promis the client. For example, to give an opinion on a long-term. Contract today by the end of the day, and suddenly an incident jumps in and in an instant destroys this ambitious plan. disrupt the work schedule and result in delays in other tasks.

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