Various Types Of Intellectual Violations As Mentioned In Iprp

It can be argued that intellectual property is an umbrella term and can be defined subjectively. Therefore, Lazada has previously determined intellectual copyright infringement in the following matters:

This relates to the legal protection of expressions, signs or designs. The relevant government unit must recognize your symbol to qualify as a trademark.

This type of intellectual property relates to written works. The purpose of this title is to separate text that can be copied and text that should be kept as exclusive to the creator. 

Patent refers to legal protection for an invention that is registered under the law. When an invention or process design is patented, no one else can distribute the invention without the author’s permission.

This type of intellectual property is most related to sellers creating their own products and brands and wanting to maintain protection against counterfeit sellers.

  • Registered design

This protects you from copying or reusing the shape, physical appearance, pattern, ornamentation of the products you create.

How To Avoid Intellectual Property Issues In Lazada

In order to avoid any issues with whatsapp mobile number list IPRP, you need to know what an intellectual property infringement looks like. In terms of using the Lazada platform, the intellectual property looks like this:

  • Using another seller’s product image
  • Copy entire sections or entire product descriptions as your own
  • Selling fake branded genuine products

As a seller, it is your responsibility to assess the product you are about to sell to see if it is authentic and authentic. Regardless of your knowledge of the authenticity of your product, you will still bear the consequences of selling counterfeit products on the Lazada platform.

How to Protect Your Own Rights Against Other Sellers

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First, you need to ensure that your content or product has legal protection because only the legislators of a particular design or product can file a complaint against IPRP violations.

How Can I Complain If Someone Infringes My Intellectual Property?

Once you have verified your Forex Email List intellectual right infringement, you will need to prepare the following documents.

  • Government provided ID or business registration certificate/business license
  • Evidence of intellectual property rights

After securing the necessary documents, you can then file a complaint on the IPP Portal.

Have you ever had problems with copyright on Lazada before? Let us know in the comments section.

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