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In this way, potential customers will be attract to the brand. Next, we will delve into the indicators, stages and tools of this methodology. inbound marketing methodology INBOUND MARKETING INDICATORS For Been an Increase María Del Pilar Castro , UPN teacher of the professional career of Administration and Marketing , these are the most important indicators to measure the performance of our Inbound Marketing strategies we can find: Web traffic : these are visits to the website and they can come from different sources Bounce rate : allows us to analyze the exit of visitors on the site

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Conversion rate of visits into leads Lead conversion ratio in MQL ( Marketing Qualifi Lead ): refers to the leads with the greatest opportunities to become customers Conversion rate of MQL in SQL ( Sales Qualifi Lead ): these are the closest leads to make the purchase business email list Cost per lead : indicates the money invest to attract potential customers ROI ( return on investment ): allows us to quantify the value generat according to what was invest where we can know the profitability of the actions that are part of the Inbound Marketing process .

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Inbound marketing stages likewise, teacher castro add that there are 4 phases of inbound marketing through which we want the consumer to “travel”: first stage : seeks to attract people to visit Forex Email List our digital mia, which can be a blog, a website, our social networks, an e-commerce, among others. To achieve this, valuable content and seo actions can be develop . Second stage : seek to convert , that is, convert visitors into leads who.  will leave us relevant personal data and this can be achiev by developing landing pages , generating forms or calls to action ( cta ).

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