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The X-PRO Challenge brought together 126 multicultural teams form randomly by students from participating institutions such as the Autonomous University of Peru and Andrés Bello from Chile, who had to face demanding challenges of evaluation, research and design of proposals align to the company ReciclApp, which is in the expansion stage in Latin America. Businesses There Has. The event generat a relevant positive impact for the students and teachers participating in the Consumer Behavior, Marketing and Consumer Behavior and Law courses, align with the components of entrepreneurship, research and social responsibility; because they work collaboratively with their peers from other countries and universities developing their communication skills.

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Do you know that there is a method to do less intrusive marketing and valuable content? Find out in this note! Imagine a typical day on your way to work in the morning. You listen to the radio and hear an advertisement b2b leads promoting a cleaning product. Then, on the avenue you can see in the distance a huge panel with an advertisement for a soda. Of these elements of traditional marketing , how many did you pay attention to or were you really interest in? Generally, these methods turn out to be repetitive, tiring, intrusive and even annoying for some.

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Therefore, a new way of doing things appears as an output. In this note we will answer the question : What is inbound marketing ? Everything is constantly changing: the world, technology, the internet, trends and digital tools. Therefore, it is also important to change marketing strategies to attract new customers, thinking outside the box. Inbound Marketing is a strategy that Forex Email List focuses on attracting potential customers to the company through quality and valuable content. Instead of interrupting potential customers with ads and advertising. Businesses There Has. Therefore, a proposal that convinces new prospects to become interest in the company will be achiev in a more organic way.

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