Good Instagram Advertising Practices That You Can Explore

If you are thinking about advertising on Instagram, one of the most popular today. Therefore, In this content we will tell you why it is a good idea and how to do it correctly. Anyone who has a bit of digital knowledge knows that social networks are a catapult, if used properly. Good Instagram to make yourself known. Therefore, According to the MX Internet Association and Digital Statistics. 82% of Mexicans dedicate part of their daily lives to reviewing this social network . This represents a golden opportunity for brands and companies. That need to bring their messages to thousands or millions of people.

Good Instagram Why Advertise on Instagram

If you have been on the platform in email contact list recent months, you must have noticed that. Therefore, it is constantly updating its features, all with the intention of giving everyone a more pleasant user experience. Therefore, For example, with the use of Stories, brands have been able to get closer to their audiences without being invasive and transmit. Messages in a more casual, less structured and, obviously, more appealing way for their target audience . Likewise, using Facebook Ads, the Facebook ads manager that is also part of Instagram. You can have a valuable duality, showing advertising on both social networks.

Best Practices for Advertising on Instagram

The first thing you should understand is that, although Forex Email List Instagram is part of Facebook. The first social network has characteristics separate from the second. So, if you want your advertising to work correctly, you must recognize the basic concepts. Therefore, There are two media, for now, where ads appear. In the feed and in Stories. In the first , the advertisements appear in the usual timeline. In which you scroll down and the photos or videos of your followers appear. Therefore, In this way, the ad looks like a regular publication. But with the advertising label to be recognized as such.

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