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Four phone screens showing how video shows up in various aspects of google search source. Google in short. A strong youtube seo strategy includes two components. Youtube optimization external seo if you can combine these two search engine optimization techniques together. You’re looking at some serious youtube success. Hootsuite lab video shown in google serp why is youtube seo important. Youtube seo is important for a few reasons. More views. Turning up in top search results means more people will have the opportunity to click on and view your videos. You worke hard on them. So. Give them a chance to shine. More chances to convert. More eyes mean more views. Shares. And engagement. Plus. More possible subscriptions and revenue down the line. Boost organic website traffic.

Support Local Businesses If You

Having your videos show up in online searches helps increase click-through rates to your website. Build brand awareness and loyalty. And drive organic traffic from youtube. Cost-effective. Youtube seo doesn’t cost much. All you nee to invest is your time and maybe a little extra for the right tools and software we’ll outline our favorite youtube seo tools later in this blog. Competitive advantage. 

Showing up in top youtube and business database google search results means your content is seen before your competitors. This competitive advantage can help you solidify your place as an industry leader. Youtube search for boost instagram post showing hootsuite video as first result 13 proven youtube seo tactics wondering how to rank youtube videos.

Focus on One Market Like a City

Here are 13 proven youtube seo tips that hootsuite’s own youtube channel producers use to get their videos to show up at the top of the serps. Find primary. Secondary. And long-tail keywords like on google. Keyword research is an essential part of seo for youtube. Keywords represent the words and phrases your audience will most likely use when searching for content like yours. 

Youtube’s search bar also Forex Email List suggests relate queries as users type. So using various keywords in your video will help it get found more often. When conducting youtube keyword research. Start by identifying primary. Secondary. And long-tail keywords. Primary keywords have higher search volume. But they tend to be more competitive and difficult to rank for.

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