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Here are the results: Fan engagement on Varlesca’s profile Fan engagement on the Mosquito profile Fan engagement on the Selfieroom profile According to the above data, we can see that Varleska managed to build the largest engagement over the past year. Let’s see what these types of reactions are : Types of reactions under posts – Varlesca profile Types of reactions under posts – Mosquito profile Types of reactions under posts – Selfieroom profile Despite the fact that Selfieroom managed to get more likes under photos than Mosquito, it was beaten in the number of comments that have a higher weight in Facebook’s algorithm.

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The most engaging for these brands : Most Engaging Post Formats – Varlesca Most engaging post formats – Mosquito Most engaging post formats – Selfieroom As in the case of previous analyzes that I performed, video formats that not only have larger reach, but also are more engaging thanks to more interesting content, have won once Latest Mailing Database again. on the video than on the graphics. However, undoubtedly in this industry a good photo and creation are essential, because its task is to arouse the recipient’s desire to own a given thing. Publication frequency I noticed that in this industry the number of posts published on the profile is much higher than in the others.

I think the main factor influencing this

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The desire to redirect a lot of traffic to the site. If the company has a large assortment, it gives the opportunity to reach the tastes of more people from the target group. Number of post publications – Varlesca Number of post publications – Mosquito Number of post publications – Selfieroom Quality of published content Varlesca Unfortunately, in Forex Email List the case of the Varlesci profile, quantity does not translate into quality. Poorly organized contests (lack of regulations, forcing clickbaits), lack of properly selected graphics for the presented content, or the so-called lolcontent. re the main mistakes made by the brand. Unfortunately, what seems to be engaging does not translate into real traffic and gaining fans. Those who will potentially decide to buy in the store.

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