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 I follow. Can Google penalize me for Elevate Your using induced traffic? It’s true that Google got angry about sending traffic and penalized it, but it stopped doing so more than 10 years ago. At that time, some SEOs used this technique to knock down competitors’ websites, so they decided to stop doing it. The righteous paid for sinners. This technique, in addition to being unethical and directly bordering on illegality, is out of use precisely because of its current lack of effectiveness. If sending absurd amounts of poor quality IP traffic were sufficient argument to penalize websites, it would lead to a regrettable war to bring down the competition’s website.

IPs are suitable Elevate Your and valid to affect positioning

If the IPs are not of quality, Google rejects top industry data the visits. Spot. But… What does Google consider quality IP? In order for Google to determine if IPs are suitable and valid to affect positioning, the following points must be met. Geolocated : If the website is Spanish, the IPs that make the visits must be Spanish. Although there may be specific situations where it is not necessary. NOTE: Sharing Spanish can help us position Latin websites and vice versa.

Back again to select another destination

There may even be the case of websites from Forex Email List Germany or the United Kingdom ranking due to the number of citizens from there who reside in Spain. Route : If visits do not spend more than a certain amount of time on the website, pogo-sticking can be generated (the action of entering a website from the search engine and going back again to select another destination). This is not good. NOTE: Ideally, visitors should spend more than 1 minute on the entry URL and travel through other routes on the web to imitate the behavior of an organic user. Their thing would be that they do not return to the SERP because that is indicative that the user has found what they were looking for.

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