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Send a holiday greeting or commemorate a celebration just because, so as not to alienate anyone, stick to the generic happy holidays text. Or better yet, celebrate various festivals like Kwanzaa, Hanukkah, Christmas and Holi to appeal to a diverse audience. Speaking of different niches don’t forget about other inclusive holidays and events like Pride Week and Black History Month. If fun and entertaining holidays fit your brand personality and marketing strategy, you can also highlight these holidays. Think National Donut Day and World Appreciation Day.

Share surveys and ask for specific feedback

Finally don’t forget about the season Hello Summer and other important events like Homecoming and the Super Bowl. It doesn’t have to be anything database fancy. You can always reuse content to save time and money. Introduce complex products and services to your audience Help your audience understand your complex products and services by sending links to bite-sized content and blog posts. For example, if you work in the data industry please submit articles about the implications or why your audience should use a data warehouse instead of a customer data platform.

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You can also provide additional support such as sending a link to your knowledge base or offering the opportunity to participate in a live demo with Forex Email List one of your representatives. Share surveys and ask for specific feedback. Are you new to the eCommerce industry and want to learn more about what potential customers think of your store? Or maybe you’re excited about the latest mapping tool that just launched? Are you looking to expand into new markets but want to gauge interest first? Get feedback on your launches and ideas by sending out brand surveys with personalized questions.

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