Nothing has chang I am still the same person underneath my illness. The Early Days I start experiencing mental health problems in my early teens, though at the time I didn’t recognise that was what it was. I didn’t know that it wasn’t normal, that not everyone felt this way, and I didn’t know it was something that I could get help for. Being bulli to various degrees throughout high school also didn’t help the situation. I just thought I was a weird social outcast and that was it. A very good friend, one of the very few people.

Will never fully recover

I trust to talk to, eventually put me onto a group database that counsels children and teens. And so at seventeen years old, my journey into the mental health system began. It wasn’t long before I was diagnos with depression and put on my first lot of mication. I was later diagnos with general anxiety, social anxiety and borderline personality disorder, which I’m told no longer applies so I guess that makes me a recover borderline. As a nation, we are improving our awareness of mental health. Digital mia has thankfully play a positive part in this, and we are able to spread the message more widely and independently.


On and off throughout my life

B for years, mental health denial has Forex Email List persist. Mental health has been cover up, and has been a taboo subject. Fighting mental health denial You’d think by now that it was obvious and fair to say that the majority of us suffer from some form of mental health condition, or have done at some point in our lives. Mental health is a broad term and covers an array of labels and titles which come in many forms and levels of severity. Some people can go through life without ever really noticing and some.