For Traveling Around the City the Sanin Pass

Also includes bike rentals from Ekirin Kun outlet stores and discounted admission to tourist attractions like Korakuen Garden and Okayama Castle.

Two tram lines, Higashiyama and Sekibashi are also another possibility to get around and leave from Okayama station . Within the city, these have a flat rate of ¥100 per ride; the trams are covered by some of the local tickets.

When taking the Higashiyama Line consider making a break at Shiroshita

Many of Okayama’s best attractions are within Phone Number List a 15-minute walk of each other, and are within walking distance of this stop. Also, there are several bus lines that operate within the city.What to see in Okayama

Korakuen Garden , a famous Okayama garden, and park are ranked among the top three Japanese gardens . The ecosystem that forms the garden unfolds on both sides of the channel known as Asahi-gawa.

Its particular name derives from a Confucian proverb according to which a ruler must always take into account the needs of his subjects first , leaving his own enjoyment “for later”. Its construction began in 1687 and it was opened to the public in 1884.

From the garden you will be able to see Okayama Castle , the backdrop to the popular Japanese fairy tale Momotaro, or “The Peach Boy”, and references to the legend can be seen throughout the city. The reconstructed castle, also known as the “black castle”, was originally built in 1597, and rebuilt in 1966. The main building contains a museum.

Another outdoor nature activity is to visit the Kibi plain and bike path

Phone Number List

This Route to Do by Bicycle Enjoys a Beautiful. Landscape and an Orography Forex Email List That Winds. Through Rural Lands to Get Closer to the Historical Sites That They House: Temples, Sanctuaries and Farms.

Excursions From Okayama
If You Are Traveling in the Region for Several. Days, We Recommend a Visit to Himeji , Hiroshima , Miyajima or Naoshima Island .

In Himeji, You Will Witness the Beautiful Restoration. Of Its White Heron Castle. Hiroshima is Known for Its Unesco World Heritage. Site Peace Memorial Park and Museum, Which Marks the Location of the Destructive. Atomic Bomb That Was Dropped on the City During World War Ii.

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