Google AdSense: what it is and how you can make money

In this guide I am going to teach you what Google AdSense is , how it works (both for the web and for YouTube) and what the procedure is like until you can start generating income online. Everything is based on my professional experience, after more than ten years monetizing websites and YouTube channels with AdSense, so I hope all this information is useful to you. Google AdSense is Google’s platform that connects advertisers with online publishers. That is, it allows companies to advertise on other people’s websites. Therefore, it is a tool with which you can earn money with your website or YouTube channel.

How does Google AdSense work

How does Google AdSense work. The advertising system with which AdSense works is programmatic advertising. This means that they rotate ads from top people data different advertisers automatically , through a bidding system. You insert blocks on your web page where ads may appear. Advertisers bid to appear in these blocks of your website. Those who pay the most will appear in your blocks. This process is constantly repeated, so the announced companies will rotate . When someone clicks on the ad, you will earn money . 

How much does Google AdSense pay

Google AdSense will pay you for each click you receive on ads, but the amount will depend on what an advertiser bid to appear on your website . What is the target country: as a general rule, if your users are from the United States, they will pay you much better per click than if you cover a Spanish audience. The same thing happens with Latin America: they are normally much Forex Email List worse paid than others. What topic do you cover: if the sector your website deals with has a good economy and good advertisers, that will have a positive impact on what you receive per click. 

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