International Nursing Day why is it celebrated

Today, May 12, is International Nursing Day, so our recognition to all those who dedicate themselves to this profession.  A story that you are about to know.

History of International Nursing Day
International Nurses Day is celebrat on May 12 in commemoration of the birth of Florence Nightingale, consider the mother of modern nursing.

Between 1853 and 1856 the so-called Crimean War took place, in which the Russian Empire fac a coalition of countries that includ the United Kingdom, England and the Ottoman Empire. During the conflict many soldiers were injur and died because there was no one to treat them. At that time, a nurse named Florence Nightingale volunteer to go to the battlefield to care for wound soldiers and save lives. She settl at Barrack Hospital, Scutari, and from there she reform healthcare and nursing services.

The importance of recognizing the work of nursing

In the United States and Canada they go one step further and celebrate an entire National Nursing Week, from May 6 to 12. Officially sign into phonelist law by President Richard Nixon in 1974, National Nurses Week is a celebration of all that nurses do to help keep United States citizens healthy.

On this day, the Florence Nightingale medals are award, in recognition of the most outstanding nurses in their profession. In addition, many health educational materials are prepar.

Nurses’ Day is a way to recognize their work around the world. May 12, Nurse’s Day, is a tribute to their work, to everything these professionals do for us every day.

It is true that the origin of Nursing Day is related to the humanitarian work that this group carri out in war conflicts, but today, their work continues to be essential for millions of people around the world.

Clinic Cloud for nursing tasks

Clinic Cloud healthcare software is design to facilitate the work of nurses from all healthcare specialties. One of the basic functions of Clinic Cloud refers to the organization and management of appointments, many of the basic functions of appointment management have been automat, and therefore, duplications, absences and other problems that delay medical care are avoided. consultation.

Medical records are also computerize. All patient information is stor confidentially in the cloud and can be immediately retriev from any device. Work relat to the organization of health records is not necessary, all information is automatically stored on external servers that have the protection requir by national and European data protection laws.

Our commitment to the healthcare sector includes the development of functions aimed at the nursing sector. We want your daily work to be  Forex Email List simpler and at the same time more rigorous, eliminating any possibility of error. The computerization of the healthcare sector has been an essential aid in recent years, but this work must be support by professional management tools, specially design for healthcare.

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