Lazada Intellectual Property Policy An Overview

Some brand owners have stepped up to protect their products from illegal or counterfeit sales. Little do they know that there are legally binding policies in place to safeguard their intellectual property. This same policy is not just limited to the sale of counterfeit goods. In fact, you can rely on it to provide security to all intellectual property that you share on the Lazada platform. Knowing this policy is important not only for legal protection purposes but also to keep you alert when you have infringed another seller’s intellectual property rights. Read on to find out more about Lazada’s Intellectual Property Policy.

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Overview of Lazada’s Intellectual Property Rights Policy (IPRP).


Lazada’s IPRP is a platform phone number list method to guarantee a safe and sound eCommerce environment.

Lazada protects its sellers from illegal reproduction of copyrights and trademarks in the following categories:

  • Sale of counterfeit goods
  • Content violations (text on product detail pages and images)
  • Using patented content
  • Using a design with registered rights

Potential Consequences of Lazada IPRP Violations

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After violating any of the IPRP requirements as stated in the section above, you or a seller suspected of intellectual property infringement will incur non-compliance points. You can refer to the information below for the distribution of non-compliance points:

  • Fake – up to 16 points
  • Violation of content – 1 point
  • Patent infringement – up to 6 points
  • Violation of registered design rights – up to 6 points

In addition, you or a seller suspecte of violating the IPRP will also be product locked. Therefore, you or a seller suspected of having committed an IPRP violation will not receive Lazada revenue during the penalty period.

If you are mistakenly flagge Forex Email List for intellectual property infringement, be sure to contact customer support immediately. Prepare soft copies of evidence proving that you do have legal rights to the content, images or products you use on the Lazada platform.

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