Nursing home management software

Clinic Cloud healthcare software is a very effective tool as part of nursing home management. In senior centers it is essential to have management and control tools that allow us to offer each inmate an individual service based on their particular needs. Clinic Cloud is the perfect tool to centralize information in a single, secure digital space. and protected.

Nursing homes have mostly adapted to new digital tools, which allow them to have personalized solutions adapted to geriatric care. The main advantage is that the information is stor on external servers, and therefore it is not necessary to have physical spaces in which resident profiles and histories are piled up. In addition, the information can be recover at any time from different devices and has security services, which prevent people outside the center from accessing personal information of inmates and professionals.

It is now possible to have a daily consultation with a single tablet through which we can access thousands of different profiles. At Clinic Cloud we have develop medical software adaptable to nursing homes, which can also be adapted to the particular qualities of your center.


Basic functions of Clinic Cloud applied to nursing homes

These are some of the Clinic Cloud tools that can be appli to nursing home management:

Personaliz profiles: Each resident has a particular profile, in which any type of reference can be add, from comments about medication telephone lists to image and video files.
Digital medical records allow you to organize your content baseon its importance and immediately search for any type of information relat to the patient.
Agendas: In addition to the files relat to the patients themselves, the professionals who work at the center also have agendas, both shar and private, that they can consult from any device with internet access, thanks to their username and password.
Appointment registration: On a healthcare level, Clinic Cloud allows you to organize medical appointments that occur within the residence. When managing nursing homes, it is very important to correctly organize recurring and one-off medical appointments.
Recipe generation: Clinic Cloud also has a specific module for recipes. The program allows you to record and consult a patient’s medication, as well as issue prescriptions automatically.

Digital management of nursing homes

One of the main advantages of Clinic Cloud compar to other online health managers is that you have the support of a technical team 24 hours a day. We know that for you, your business is the most important thing, that is why Clinic Cloud includes permanent technical support through telephone and email support, in addition, our team develops training activities, so that all the people who work daily with Clinic Cloud can learn about all the possibilities offer by this support.

Regarding security and data protection, only authoriz people can consult personal data of patients, residents and geriatric professionals. In fact, the Organic Law on Data Protection explains a series of specific regulations for the health sector.

Clinic Cloud is bas on an access system in which each person has a username and a personal password, and therefore, no unauthoriz  Forex Email List person can access confidential information, even if they use a device with which a profile has been consult. recently.

All communications are encrypt, and therefore their content cannot be intercept. Information shipments are secure, and a daily backup is carri out, which allows for continuously updat duplicates.

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