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Ready to set your goals? Take your talent to the top with UPN. If you want more information about our careers, visit our UPN website or contact us at our WhatsApp number . Make the best decision! The Expoinnova 2022-1 Fair brought together 14 courses belonging to the 12 careers of the Faculty of Business , selecting 305 creative projects for the semi-final stage on campus ; Among them, 87 qualifi for the National Final held by each professional race. “It is relevant that students, throughout their higher ucation stage, keep in mind the ne for responsible alignment in business with innovative and sustainable proposals ; that generate value in business environments of permanent change and uncertainty,” said the dean of the Faculty of Business, Dr.

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Augusto Cáceres. Impact of the event on the UPN community The event had a great impact, including a strong positive impact on the UPN community: It promot the R&D&I (Research, Development and Innovation) capacity in our students , highlighting the creative and entrepreneurial spirit with highly business database innovative projects. It support the implementation of innovative business ideas, solutions that respond to the new business environment, generat by the Covid-19 pandemic, align with the Sustainable Development Goals – SDGs . The participation and involvement of teachers and students of the subjects align to the components was achiev: Entrepreneurship, Research and Social Responsibility.

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The stages of the Expoinnova 2022-1. Fair The. Expoinnova 2022-1 Entrepreneurship. Fair was develop considering 3 stages. In classrooms, semi-final at Forex Email List headquarters and the national final; and in 3 categories. Emprende. Owners of your destiny and ADN UPN , in congruence with the stages of the UPN ucational model. The teachers of each of the participating classes began negotiations with the students from the first class session.  Organizing them into teams, advising them and outlining their innovative business ideas.

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