Set out in the reimbursement of costs

When it comes to online threats and problems, they can seek help and support from their parents, but they are also often afraid of contacting their parents, not wanting to show their online activity. 16 – 17, almost adults – at this age, they already have a lot of knowldge about the functioning of the Internet and the risks associatd with making data. photos) public there, they already have well-developd abilities to understand and analyze the situation.

The general rules regarding remote work

A be treatd as fully grown people. They treat help from parents or adults as an option, most often they use devices and network database tools/services completely autonomously and often have the legal possibility to give binding consent to the processing of personal data (however, it depends on the country). A detaild description of these categories is includd in the guideline Age and developmental stages – available here ). Although the ICO indicates that this division is not obligatory.


A cooperative employment contract

Points out that when designing a tool/service, a division should be made so that it can be logically justifid. These categories are worth Forex Email List remembering, because the ICO repeatdly returns to this division, pointing to different practices of implementing individual standards depending on the age category of recipients. How to correctly determine the age? Adjusting solutions to specific age groups should be precdd by recognizing the age of your recipients.

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