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With the aim of promoting entrepreneurial culture, advising Peruvian businesses and providing successful business models, our Business Faculty creat the Virtual Business Consulting Platform , an initiative that provides training, guidance and support to microentrepreneurs for free. Currently, the initiative promotes the Tax and Customs Consulting Program , where our students and teachers address issues relat to taxes and imports to help entrepreneurs position themselves in the market and maintain a competitive advantage. “Through the project, students develop and apply knowlge, competencies, technical, social and personal skills that contribute to their professional training,” explain Andrea Farfán, Social Responsibility analyst at UPN.

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Our specialist add that they will soon implement other advisory programs such as digital marketing, logistics, commercial prospecting, and economic and financial improvement for mypes. The Virtual Business Consulting Platform is open to anyone with the initiative to start a business or with a business in progress, accessing the following LINK. The winners of the competition b2b email list were our students who carri out activities for 13 weeks together with other international universities. X-PRO Challenge The Andrés Bello University ( UNAB ) of Chile held the 4th ition of the X-PRO Challenge during the 2022-1 semester, with ReciclApp , a triple-impact Chilean technology company that promotes sustainable development, as a case study .

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During the process, the review of the case study, the induction module, the presentation of progress and deliverables bas on their research, and a pitch with the 9 best teams in front of the company’s managers were carri out. The winning team of the X-PRO Challenge was made up of our students Aracely Puerta Castro, Yvanna Mendivez Ruiz and Allison Bances Custodio. In total, 358 students participat, 3 courses, 17 classes and 13 teachers from the Administration and Marketing, Administration and Administration and Commercial Management majors. Augusto Cáceres, dean of the UPN Business School, states Forex Email List the following: “In the formative ucation of students, it is necessary to evaluate them throughout the teaching process; For this reason, it is important to expose young people to different highly complex challenges in which they can bring out their skills and continue developing their skills aim at consolidating high-level professionals.

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