The 10 best medical books for doctors

Doctors tend to be big fans of reading. They have no choice, since they have to constantly update their knowledge. There are thousands of medical books, but some are better than others. In this post we show you a selection of what for many are the best medical books for doctors.

In this book, James D. Watson, one of those responsible for the discovery, recounts the process of discovering the structure of DNA. A book with which doctors and the general public have a first-hand view of what research is.
The Emperor of All Evil: A Biography of Cancer

Under this poetic title lies one of the books that best talks about the present and future of cancer, undoubtedly the most devastating disease of our time. Here doctors, scientists and even philosophers are given a voice.

Medical books for students

When we talk about medical books, we usually refer to publications aimed at practicing doctors; however, there is a very extensive telemarketing leads bibliography of medical books aimed at students. Medical books for beginners analyze health aspects from a basic point of view, and are essential for people who are training and seeking to acquire the necessary knowledge to carry out health work.

The following are the essential books on medicine for students for any student.
It is a first-person account about the first experiences of a resident doctor in the specialty of gynecology and obstetrics. Dr. Kay works in the British public health services, his experiences have not only led to a best seller, several television projects are also being prepared about the stories included in the book of this novice doctor.

Where to get medical ebooks

Some of the best medical books can be found on the internet. Unlike what happens with other professions, medical ebooks are, in many cases, available for free. The objective is that both professionals and students can access publications and guides that allow them to improve their professional skills.

There are many sources you can go to in search of online medical books, both free and paid. Some of the reference sites are Google Books, AM Medicine, Project Gutenberg, All Medical Stuff and Free Book Center, some of these sites are digital storage spaces for books of all types, others are specific for medical and health ebooks.

These are our recommendations for the best medical books for doctors and students. For anyone who works in the health sector, it is  Forex Email List important to train continuously. Continuing to read once the academic training is completed will be essential to continue training.

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