The best medical journals today

Any doctor or healthcare professional knows the importance of keeping their knowledge up to date. New treatments appear, new data on diseases are discovered… All of this forces the doctor to constantly retrain. Luckily, in this work they have multiple sources of information. Today we bring the list of the best medical journals that exist today.

The best medical journals today
New England Journal of Medicine. NEJM receives nearly 5,000 articles each year and adopts a rigorous peer review process. Any published article also goes through extensive reviews by at least five experts and at least one statistical review before publication. The research covers all medical specialties and is accessible in 177 countries around the world.

Harvard Health Journal. This journal publishes all the latest findings from Harvard and other prestigious medical research institutions, thereby allowing readers to remain at the forefront of medical research.

American Journal Of Preventative Medicine. This publication is a way to alert medical professionals about the latest methods in disease prevention, as well as their knowledge.

Publish in a medical journal

Medical journals are a basic means of dissemination for the scientific sector, and specifically, for the health area. Publishing in this type of journal, especially in the ones we have mentioned above, is very complex; these journals usually focus on phone list the great advances in medical science, and therefore only the most cutting-edge research in the world achieves a publication of this type. However, there are all types of international and national medical journals that allow other studies to be published.

For many areas of research it is essential to publish. In certain doctorates, the publications obtained by the study are evaluated, and therefore it is essential to have a registry of scientific medical journals.

Some of the most important Spanish medical journals are the Revista Española de Salud Clínica, Revista de Calidad Asistencial, Gaceta Sanitaria, Jano and Revista Clínica Española. Each of these publications has its own standard when determining what type of publications will appear on its pages, and therefore it is important to know the requirements of each magazine.

The dissemination work of medical journals

The main function of the best medical journals is to disseminate the advances in medical science. Nowadays it is important that any health discovery be shar, both to continue advancing its research and to obtain a practical benefit in its application. These journals allow the conclusions of the main medical research from around the world to be known internationally.

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Do you agree with this list of the best medical journals today? Are you missing any magazines? Maybe you will find it in our post about the best medical journals for doctors and patients. We’re waiting for your comments and opinions.

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