The best medical image banks to use

One of the most searched resources on the Internet by doctors and other health professionals are images. However, it can be a difficult task to find quality medical images that are permitted to be used. To help you, we share a list of the best medical image banks to use freely.

Medical image banks
Many scientific institutions have no qualms about sharing their images freely. For example, most US government images and graphics are in the public domain.

Science source provides a lot of medical and science images in general. Many of the images are paid, but you can also search for royalty-free images.
Images from the History of Medicine has more than 70,000 historical images, from the Middle Ages to the present day.
Visible Human Project is a long-running digital library of images of the female and male anatomy.

The importance of image rights on the internet

Open-I is the free access Biomedical image search engine. The images come from the PMC National Library of Medicine, an archive of millions of images phone number lists compiled from medical and life sciences journals and are available through the NIH Images database.

The Cell: An Image Library The American Society for Cellular Biology makes available to us a free access image library with images, videos and animations of the cells of a wide variety of organisms, showing cellular architecture and intracellular functions.

The New England Journal of Medicine Figures and Multimedia This bank allows you to search or browse more than 900 images of common clinical presentations.

Creative Commons: it is the most general free image bank that we have seen so far, which in turn searches other sites such as Wikimedia Commons.

iStock Photos: This photo bank belongs to Getty Images, it is one of the most complete image banks on the internet, which is why it has many medical images of all kinds. Its paid version allows you to access the full content of its files.

Protecting your images

In most cases, it is sufficient to have permission in a general image bank. These banks have a very complete selection of general images, and also offer photographs of specific areas of healthcare.

In any case, it is important to insist on the importance of always using licensed images, whether from an image bank, with the express authorization of the image owner or using royalty-free images.
It is possible that you use your images, in fact, it is a perfect way to illustrate your publications on the internet. A photograph or an image designed by you belongs to you, and therefore, no one can use it without your express consent. If you have upload an  Forex Email List image to the Internet made by you, it is automatically protect to prevent uses other than the original ones. If you detect that an image you own has been us without your permission, you can contact the person who publish it and ask for compensation, request its removal or grant permission for its use.

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