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Although all of these elements are our specialty, consistency should be kept in mind with each project. It is she who makes the brand able to go to the next level. Scope of cooperation Our tasks include: Audit and analysis of marketing activities It is the basic action that begins our work. Commplace specialists analyze the brand’s activities so far. As a result, a full state is create, from which we start our cooperation. Audit and analysis of competitors’ marketing activities Verification of competition activities allows you to determine the position of the brand compare to competing brands.

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It also gives us the opportunity to identify the strengths and weaknesses of the brand. As a result, we obtain full information about the communication channels use, regularity in action, or the direction of competition’s activities. Preparation Latest Mailing Database of a coherent and comprehensive marketing strategy The marketing strategy is a signpost for the company. It shows in which direction you should go in order to achieve the goals that are important at the moment. This is very important, because in everyday work it is hard to remember about the overarching goal, focusing on operational activities.

Latest Mailing Database

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At Commplace, we are aware of this. That is why we prepare not only the strategy itself with the recommende tools. But also an implementation scheule that can be implemente in your company on your own or with our support. Preparing a Forex Email List name proposal for a new brand The name should reflect the features of the product and its application, and at the same time be remembere by the recipients. It determines whether or not to be a new product on the market, so it should be on point. Preparation of the graphic design of the website A website is one of the most powerful digital marketing tools. Why? It’s simple – it can serve as a personal sales team 24/7, reception and information.

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