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The hashtag tiktok taught me has over 13 billion views and counting as people flock to that corner of the internet to learn something new every day. How does this help you as a real estate agent. You can tap into tiktok’s massive. Engage user base to reach   and teach   potential clients. The key to using tiktok to generate leads is to get creative with the hacks and tips you share. You don’t have to stick to real estate facts and figures. Think about your target audience and what they’d want to learn about. If your ideal client is a first-time homebuyer. Share how-tos on typical home improvement projects.

See a Full Tour Like in the Example Below

That people may tackle in their first year. Participate in facebook groups if there’s an interest group you want to join. There’s probably a facebook group deicate to it already. Similar to slack communities. Facebook groups offer real estate agents a great opportunity to connect with people and provide genuinely helpful insights into what you know best. Whether that’s local knowlege or real estate-specific topics. 

Start a linkein newsletter b2b email list want to establish your authority on a topic and gather leads at the same time. Start a newsletter. And if you’re thinking. I don’t have time to learn a newsletter platform and build my audience from scratch. I have great news for you. If you have a business page on linkein.

Another Great Thing About Reels Is

You can create your own newsletter within the platform. Zillow newsletter subscribe source even if you’ve never create a newsletter before. Linkein’s native newsletter feature makes it easy to publish articles that people can subscribe to. Your newsletter will have a page where people can learn about who you are and what you’ll be discussing before they subscribe. People can also see the past eitions you’ve sent out. 

Address topics clients are searching Forex Email List for online the home buying and selling process can be challenging. And potential clients have a ton of questions. They often turn to google with their questions which means you should be there with answers. If you want to generate more real estate leads online.

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