what advantages does it have in the healthcare sector

When we analyze the importance of digital information, we must take into account some terms that, today, are essential for the security of our files. Knowing what a backup is or how often it is necessary to make a backup will allow us to reinforce the security of our systems, in this way the information has several versions, which we can use if the main version suffers any damage.

This time we are going to analyze what a backup is and the backup options that you can access by using Clinic Cloud.

What is a backup
A backup is a backup copy.

Therefore, a backup is one or more backup copies, but why is it necessary to have a backup strategy?

A digital file can have several levels of protection, but all of them can suffer external attacks, or suffer accidental damage caused by people who do have access to its content. Sometimes, these damages are irreparable, and therefore the original content is partially or totally lost.

The importance of backups in the healthcare sector

Any digital file must have a backup copy, but in the case of digital health files it is of greater importance, due to its content.

When we talk about security in health data, we usually focus telemarketing lists on avoiding unauthorized access to prevent unauthorized people from consulting private medical information, however, there is another very important aspect regarding the protection of medical data, it is protection against Possible file damage and loss.

A person with a digitized history will have their own content hosted on a server. This content stores the patient’s medical information.

The backup strategy does not serve to protect files from attacks, but it is a basic security measure, because it allows you to recover information that has been damag.

How often is it necessary to make a backup

A backup must contain updat content, which is why it is important that the creation of backups is bas on a strategy that allows copies to be made automatically from time to time.

At Clinic Cloud we make daily copies of each of your files, this means that at the end of the day, all the information relat to your clinic has a backup copy, which not only contains the changes made during the day, but which also has all the previous information.

If your files were to suffer an attack and some of the information was lost, the last day’s backup would allow us to recover the files intact, having lost  Forex Email List only the information add during the current day, therefore, it would be easy to follow a record to recover damag content.

Health information needs continuous backups to help recover information damag by attacks or failures by the user. At Clinic Cloud we carry out daily backups, so that all content related to your clinic has duplicates.

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