What Is Google Ads With Shopee

Google Ads With Shopee is the brainchild of the Shopee + Google partnership. You can think of it as your old Shopee Ad, but with the combined benefits of Google and Shopee algorithms.

So, how does it work?

Essentially, brands and sellers can now run search and shopping campaigns as a way to direct high-intent shoppers to the brand’s official store.

Once a purchase is made, Shopee will collect and share post-click conversion data with Google. This data will be used for conversion optimization purposes (in addition to reporting) so you can drive more sales to your store.

Google Ads With Shopee Ad Formats

In terms of format, we have Google Shopping Ads, first and foremost. These are highly visual ads that present users with the products most relevant to their search intent.

During the product search journey, ads will appear on several Google properties such as Google Search, Gmail, Image Search, Shopping Vertical Search, YouTube SERP (search engine results page) as well as the bottom of the YouTube Home Feed.

The second and most recommended Latest Mailing Database ad format is Text Plus Shopping Ads. It’s basically like a Google Shopping Ad but with the added benefit of being able to include free text that tells users what you offer versus other options.

That way, once you’ve captured a buyer’s attention, you’ll be able to do a little sales talk to hook buyers with your brand. The great thing about Text Plus Shopping Ads is that they are likely to generate conversions regardless of whether the user is familiar with text ads or shopping ads.


Text Plus Shopping ads effectively drive new and repeat customers to your store regardless of product category. Most recommended during highly competitive shopping festivals.

What are your options for using Google Ads with Shopee?

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In addition to selecting the ad format, you can also choose how you want your ad to run. Here are your options:

1. Brand Managed

It is a partnership model that Forex Email List will give brands and agencies the capacity to integrate post-click data as a way to measure sales impact and to further optimize campaign performance.

Driven by the name itself, it will allow you to have full control over your ads. You’ll also enjoy more flexible budget allocations for your ads. At the same time, you have Google support around the clock.

Some of the drawbacks are that you only have limited campaign support from Shopee. They can only help you with conversion settings and feed sharing.

Brand-managed campaigns are especially beneficial for brands and agencies that:

  • Want to manage budget allocations for their own marketing campaigns
  • Have in-depth experience managing large-scale shopping and search campaigns
  • Love getting a more holistic perspective on their marketing investments
  • Currently using a top funnel campaign on Google media and looking to drive more sales.

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