5 advantages of Clinic Cloud for medical centers

Clinic Cloud is the most complete medical management software. In a single tool you have everything you need for the daily activity of a health center, in addition, cloud storage allows you to have all the information about your clinic immediately, and store your patients’ data in the same way. Safer.

On this occasion, we focus on 5 specific Clinic Cloud functions, which will allow you to learn about some of the tools you have working with Clinic Cloud.

1- Control over your clinic
With Clinic Cloud you have a digital manager with all the functions you need for your clinic. You will only need the Clinic Cloud online manager to control all the processes of your medical center, from the day-to-day life of medical professionals to the confidential information of your patients.

Investing in the paid versions of Clinic

With Clinic Cloud you do not need multiple work platforms, with a single software you can control all the functions of your clinic. In addition, you will be telephone list able to control payments, defaulters and outstanding debts.

Many of the services you currently pay for are included in Clinic Cloud medical software, so you no longer ne physical or digital platforms for your daily work.

In addition to saving on your current expenses, with Clinic Cloud you can increase your clinic’s income, due to the marketing functions available in the Pro and Mini versions.
For several years, several Autonomous Communities have allowed working with digital prescriptions, this prevents the patient from having to show the physical prescription on paper, and also allows patient monitoring.

Clinic Cloud is adapt to generate online prescriptions in any health system in our country, the medical professional generates a digital prescription, which can be consult by any pharmacy. In this way the data is more secure and can be consult whenever necessary.

The advantages of working with Clinic Cloud

Backups in Clinic Cloud are made daily, this means that there will always be an immediately available copy of the entire system from the previous day. If your files suffer irreparable damage, the solution is to recover the latest version, which is fully protect after the daily backup.

For Clinic Cloud it is important that you work with absolute security every day, having absolute control of all the information related to your clinic and, where necessary, being able to recover any file you ne immediately.
At Clinic Cloud we work to offer you all the management functions you need. The management of a medical center requires a series of security  Forex Email List protocols related to patient privacy, and in addition, complete control over the center’s finances. With Clinic Cloud you can work with a manager in the cloud, with functions adapt to your center of health.

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