Driving Online Sales With Google Ads With Shopee

Shopee Partnership With Google For a long time, Google and Shopee have provided independent advertising services – exclusive Shopee Ads for in-store promotions and Google Ads with the aim of helping businesses reach a wider audience on the web.

However due to the ongoing pandemic and visible traces of ongoing engagement within the eCommerce community, Google and Shopee have agreed to partner up to further enhance their advertising mechanisms.

How Does Google Improve Shopee Advertising Mechanisms?

One of the most remarkable aspects of Google is its algorithm which has the ability to track a customer’s unique goals. Most importantly, it can differentiate between intent and interest.

This can show your ads to people database with the highest purchase intent. Therefore, you can expect an increase in your conversion rate.

Google also has a real-time auction bidding mechanism that helps in positioning your ad at the right time and place further increasing your return on investment (ROI).

Furthermore, Google’s technology leverages sophisticated machine learning. This means being able to study how people search for and interact with content online. Using historical search, it will find out which groups are most interested in making purchases in which product categories.

Finally, Google allows you to interact (by showing your ad at the most appropriate time) with potential customers at every stage of the sales funnel.

Google+ Shopee solution


By combining Google and Shopee mechanisms, we get Google Ads With Shopee which gives you the following:

  • Fully synchronized product catalog between Shopee and Google
  • A data infrastructure that allows you to manage performance and sales measurement for all of your ads
  • The combined power of Google Forex Email List user intent data and Shopee rich product buyer data to help you better optimize your ads across platforms.

All in all, what the Google + Shopee solution gives you is additional sales in your store with a profitable return on ad spend. Apart from that, your online presence is also enhanced to be an online shopper.

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