Charting the Product Horizon

 Happy pogo sticking! Randomness : Google tries to detect user behavior patterns. NOTE: Therefore, tools like CTRbox introduce a parameter in their control. Charting the panel that allows the behavior of the visit to constantly change. Origin of the visit : That many different locations visit the same website is natural, however. That they all come from the same computer or office is not. Many of the websites that send direct traffic do it this way. This is usually the main reason why many. SEOs think that induced traffic does not rank. But the real reason is because it is being done in a careless and crude way.

Performing 50 or 60 Charting the searches a day for a specific term

Buying this type of traffic is the equivalent of buying links from Forex Email List a link farm. How can Google not detect it When. I talk about induced traffic to customers, the first thing that comes to mind is fear. Our mind defends itself against the unknown with fear. He believes that Google does not consider it natural for a series of users. To begin performing 50 or 60 searches a day for a specific term that no one was searching for the day before. I’m going to tell you something. Today, Google has no way of distinguishing this increase in searches .

Campaign or an event in your neighborhood

Because? Easy. An advertisement Forex Email List on television, an influencer talking about something specific, or even an occasional news item can make a series of keywords become trendy without knowing where it may have come from. NOTE: For example: the war in Ukraine, the La Palma volcano, Campofrío’s new advertising campaign or an event in your neighborhood. How can I send induced traffic? The problem with induced traffic is that it is in a similar state to that of link building years ago. Most providers tend to be individuals who advertise on American, Russian or Indian forums or Telegram channels that are very far from generating trust.

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