Check if your account is business If so great

If not, make it one. Write your username. Write your bio strategically, i.e. include keywords and say what the profile is about. Example: the Pinterest of the company Viva Decora hascorating ideas. Learn how to decorate on a budget and transform your home decor into a do-it-yourself style. Inspiration and DIY for you!” This bio works because it clarifies what users will find. It addresses the target audyword. When creating a bio, there are two main goals: to get users attention and to make the account searchable. But how do you use keywords on Pinterest without looking robotic or boring with a gray bio? Pay attention to this. 2 – You don’t have to go far: take advantage of the search box trick to create relevant content. You don’t have to dig deep to.

Find out which keywords are useful

you to create valuable content on Pinterest . Use the search box. It’s easy and efficient. Want to see? Typing “adventure travel”, some of the search suggestions are: adventure travel pictures; brazil adventure travel; adventure travel phrases; adventure travel wallpaper; adventure travel friends. From these suggestions, it is possible to create pins that Estonia Phone Number List are relevant to the target audience. 3 – Descriptions are a mine of possibilities. Advertising Pinterest, as you already know, is extremely visual social media. When accessing it, users seek to see images, videos or gifs. Why, then, are descriptions (texts) such a mine of possibilities? Just remember the SEO mentioned in topic 1. Generally speaking, this is what you’ll write descriptions for, as that’s where you’ll apply SEO techniques.

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Like hashtags and keywords so that

Users can find your pins when they use the search box. As an example, in the profile “Mala de Memórias | Travel Tips” there is a pin with a description full of keywords (in bold) and hashtags. Check out: Who said that Brazil doesn’t have paradisiacal places and breathtaking resorts ? We have prepared a list of the 9 best resorts in Brazil for you to put on Forex Email List your national travel wish list ! Have you ever visited any of them? Come check! #viagem #dicasdeviagem #viagensbrasil #caribebrasileiro #resortsnobrasil #viagemnacionais #nordeste #praias #suldobrasil 4 – Organize your profile by creating folders. It’s simple: make the user’s life easier and gain more traffic .

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