Clinic Cloud CRM for hospitals and health centers

A CRM is software design in principle to manage the relationship between a company and a customer. This tool has been adapt for the management of other areas, for example, regarding health. At Clinic Cloud we have develop software that, unlike other CRMs for hospitals, is specifically creat for medical management.

The application of ICTs in the field of medicine
Information and communication technology has disrupted all aspects of our daily lives. Analogue management has taken a backseat, being replac by new digital devices, whose internet connection allows for real-time networking.

Clinic Cloud as a digital healthcare solution

There are many digital solutions aim at the health sector, but only at Clinic Cloud have we develop truly comprehensive software, which allows telemarketing leads for sale you to combine all aspects of a clinic in a single tool.

Bulletin board and agendas: The personal organization of health professionals and common information, organiz in digital modules, both private and shar.
Digital records: This is a history digitization module, updated in real time and with the security of cloud storage.
Cash control: Beyond medical management, you will be able to control the expenses and income of your clinic, having automatic balances based on your cash movements.
Registration: Organize your bonuses, discounts, payments made and pending, etc., without leaving Clinic Cloud.

A CRM for hospitals adapted to you

Each clinic has specific needs.

Clinic Cloud free version: Start working now with Clinic Cloud at no cost. The free version allows you to start digitizing your clinic and have the basic functions.
Mini: The reduced version of Clinic Cloud, suitable for clinics that are starting their activity or medical centers managed by a single person.
The full version of Clinic Cloud will allow you to work with all. The software’s functions, adapting them to what you need.
Custom-made: If you have several clinics or need special functions, you can request customized software, with a digital solution adapted to you.
The advantages of working with digital medical solutions
The digitalization process in the healthcare environment allows us to work with new tools. Which eliminate many of the problems. Associated with routine clinic management. Digital solutions bas on CRM have made it possible to transfer customer  Forex Email List management methods to medical and patient management supports. The result is an absolutely digitaliz environment. With immediate solutions shar on the network, mostly eliminating analogue actions.

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