Clinical history in psychology patient record

The clinical record of patients is essential in any medical specialty, but in the case of psychiatry, as well as in psychology, it is very important to maintain correct management of each patient’s information.

The clinical history in psychology and psychiatry must reflect the patient’s evolution, evidencing the progress made in each of the sessions. Digital solutions such as those offered by Clinic Cloud allow psychology professionals to manage and consult any type of information immediately, also protecting their patients’ medical information against any type of attack or intrusion.

At Clinic Cloud we have developed specific software for psychologists, with which you can create personalized profiles and record all the medical information you need.

Create personal profiles for each patient

The Pro version of Clinic Cloud allows you to create personalized profiles, specific for each client. In addition, you will have no limit to your histories, therefore, you will be able to work with unique and differentiated profiles.

In the psychology sector, it is important for the telemarketing lists professional to work with detailed information that allows appropriate diagnoses to be made. Through Clinic Cloud’s digital personal profiles, you will be able to record each session and also have personalized profiles.

Work safely in your consultation
It is important to take into account the legislation that exists in relation to the registration of medical data. Both the Spanish General Data Protection Law, as well as the different community laws that govern member countries of the European Union, require a series of rules when managing and storing private patient information, through the use of Clinic Cloud as a manager. digital you are complying with all the requirements established by law, because your files are protected from outside interference and computer attacks, in addition, only people who have a password and username will have access to their content.

Record information for each appointment

In psychology and psychiatry, each session is important, and therefore, it is essential to record each of the data generated by each of the appointments. Through Clinic Cloud’s personalized profiles you can have an extensive record of sessions, having an orderly and digital record.

When issuing a diagnosis, it is essential to base ourselves on safe and accurate information, obtained throughout each appointment with the patient. With Clinic Cloud you have a secure digital space, in which you can store all the information of each patient.

Create new records
The medical history is one of the records that you  Forex Email List can use when working with Clinic Cloud, but you can also manage other data regarding payments, marketing, loyalty, etc.

Beyond the therapy itself, it is important to have records that refer to both the clinic’s financial factors and marketing and patient loyalty objectives.

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