Communication with patients and Clinic Cloud solutions

Communication with patients is one of the most important aspects of medical activity. There are many factors involv in doctor-patient communication, and therefore, it is important to take into account both the patient’s sensitivity and the need to offer clear explanations, but at the same time rigorous from a clinical point of view, another need in This sense is to have communication channels that allow us to immediately inform the patient if necessary. Clinic Cloud allows you to have different immediate communication channels, with contact records of all the patients in your clinic.

What communication with patients should be like in the healthcare environment
There are a series of tips that are part of the communication protocol between the healthcare professional and their patients.

It is essential to pay attention to the patient. The diagnosis comes from a physical medical evaluation, but it is also important to listen to each person and take their own feelings into account when making a diagnosis.

Communication channels between the patient

Currently, medical professionals have new communication channels, many of them digital, which allow us to immediately get in touch with our patients.

It is important to establish a series of immediate telephone number list contacts to, if necessary, locate the patient, or on the contrary, allow the patient to contact their doctor. Means such as email, telephone or videoconferences help us improve communication. and shorten waiting times.

In this sense, it is very important to work with secure and updat contact records. Clinic Cloud has a patient data record that allows you to store all your patients’ contact data, being able to consult them whenever you want from any digital device, and In addition, this information is conveniently protect in accordance with the demands of the Organic Law on Data Protection, to prevent unauthoriz persons from accessing this private data.
With Clinic Cloud you have various contact channels, both for medical purposes and for informational purposes.

Communication with patients for commercial purposes

Obviously, communication with patients focuses on patient-medical dialogue for healthcare purposes, however, communication channels can also be used for commercial purposes.

There are many clinics that schedule seasonal treatments, offers, promotions, discounts and similar.

With Clinic Cloud you can carry out marketing campaigns and send mass mailings to all your patients, or to patients who meet a certain profile. If you run seasonal promotions, for example during the summer months, and want to reach patients who may  Forex Email List be interest in clinical solutions during this period, you can create your own campaign and select people who may be interest in your next promotion.This means of communication is also very useful to communicate to your patients any changes or notices regarding your clinic.

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