Dental clinic management program

Clinic Cloud is a cloud-based dental clinic management software that allows you to control all the organizational aspects of a dental practice: patient appointments, medical records, agenda, billing and much more.

Access your clinic information from any device, from anywhere and at any time through this dental software.

With Clinic Cloud dental clinic management software it is the easiest way to manage your dental clinic. An essential tool for any dentist. In fact, it is currently among the systems for dentists most valued by users. Managing a clinic is now easier than ever.

The best dental software you need for your dental clinic

Through different modules, you can incorporate, consult and manage files related to the activity of the dental center, such as appointments, medical histories, odontograms, accounting or business phone list possible marketing actions that you can incorporate into your business.
The final objective of the resources of our dental software is to achieve effective savings in time and money, since the administration of the clinic will improve considerably.

The dental clinic management program that we offer at Clinic Cloud will make you focus on what really matters, your patients.
Dental software is the best solution to integrate into a single platform all the necessary procedures to guarantee the best functioning of the processes involved in the day-to-day life of the company.

You no longer need to have a program to do accounting and another to manage medical appointments. With Clinic Cloud you can do all that and much more. Discover the dental clinic management software you needed.

Why do you need the Clinic Cloud dentist program

Medical appointment management: Confirm, modify and delete medical appointments, avoid overlaps, allow patients to request their appointments online and send them SMS reminders.
Creation and Management of Electronic Medical Records: You have a patient’s entire medical history just a click away, in electronic format and protected by the highest security measures. Find any medical history instantly.

The information you need when you need it.
Odontogram module: Clinic Cloud has an exclusive module for creating and storing odontograms.
Accounting: Keep all the financial management of your office up to date.
Dentist agenda: Each clinic professional can  Forex Email List have their own agenda. You can access all the agendas and decide the permissions for the rest of the team.
Productivity analysis: discover how to improve the effectiveness of your business processes. Streamline the entire management of your clinic and get more time to dedicate to your patients.

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