Email Outreach vs. Backlinks: How Effective is Your Digital Handshake

The freelance world is something else. Advancement : as a freelance Email Outreach SEO you can earn much more (or earn almost nothing), although you are subject to more variables of uncertainty about which clients enter or leave. We are going to see the results of the survey that Señor Muñoz carried out in 2020 about SEO salaries in Spain and that will offer us a current x-ray of the situation, as well as a vision about the future of the profession. You can see all the answers in this file: survey on salaries in the SEO sector in 2020 In order to examine some interesting details, we are going to use some graphs that Esteve Castells created for his article on salaries in the world.

You can see all the answers in this file survey on salaries in the SEO Email Outreach

Of SEO and that will give you new top industry data perspectives on how much to charge as an SEO consultant. We start with the average annual salary of the people who responded to the survey: seo annual salary As you can see, most of the people surveyed move between the ranges of 20,000 and 40,000 euros per year . As a curious fact, those who are below that range are younger and it is from the age of 35 when they start to earn more money. Again, a sign that indicates the importance of experience in setting your salary: the more experience, the more salary.

Accept at different stages of their life the same expense

On the other hand, I consider Forex Email List that this increase is largely determined by the minimum amounts that a person is willing to accept at different stages of their life: the same expenses are not the same at 25 as at 35, usually with a family. To make it clearer, let’s take a look at another graph from friend Esteve ( professor at SEOWarriors , by the way).

SEO salary and experience The more experience, the higher the salary, or at least that is the case in most cases and that is how you will perceive it when you start creating your first budgets. If you want to charge certain amounts, the client will have to perceive that they really deserve to pay them and one of the reasons for this is the experience of the consultant they want to hire.

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