Essential dentist utensils in a dental office

In a dentistry clinic there are all types of specializ instruments that allow different dental treatments to be carri out with precision. Dentist tools have advanc a lot in recent decades; currently there are even processes that are carried out using lasers, avoiding direct contact, which is generated by regular dentist tools.

We can distinguish dental utensils into three basic groups: hand instruments, rotating instruments and maneuvering instruments. Below we will analyze each group and the dental tools that make up the commonly us dental material.

Types of dental instruments

Maneuver instruments: They facilitate the manipulation of the patient’s mouth to carry out the treatment.

The 12 basic dentistry utensils

The dental examination mirror allows you to analyze the conditions of the oral cavity, allowing you to visually access all angles of the mouth. Using this phone lists mirror we carry out the initial examination and check the results of the treatments.
A dentist must have different pliers aimed at orthodontic work. Pliers allow you to cut and bend all types of materials, which is why they are one of the basic dental tools.
Mouth openers
This maneuvering instrument is locat at the upper and lower ends of the mouth, to retract the lips and cheeks and leave sufficient room for maneuver.
Therefor Probe A dentist has two different probes, the basic exploration probe, which is us for common actions such as detecting cavities. Therefor the periodontal probe, with which we evaluate the gums.

The application of laser in dentistry

The above utensils represent the basic instruments for a professional. However, there are other solutions that are currently beginning to be present in many clinics.

The application of laser generates an analgesic and anti-inflammatory effect, suitable for surgical treatments.
Therefor The laser also reduces dental hypersensitivity.
Laser light allows for early diagnosis of cavities.
The laser promotes the healing of signs after an oral intervention.

Among dental tools, the laser is beginning to be a basic part of dental instruments.
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