Free patient management program with Clinic Cloud

Clinic Cloud’s free patient management program includes the features you need to get familiar with our software. If you are thinking about starting to use cloud clinic management software, at Clinic Cloud we offer you the opportunity to start using our program in a free and fully operational way, including the functions that we review below.

What the free Clinic Cloud option includes
The free Clinic Cloud demo is fully operational and will help you get familiar with managing your clinic in the cloud. Among the options included in the free account are the following:
Registration is completely free, you can start working from the first moment.
You will be able to have an appointment registry adapted to your clinic, with agenda modules that include simple patient management functions.

The perfect program if you work in your own clinic


If you are starting to work in your own clinic and work alone, Clinic Cloud’s free patient management program is perfect for you. You have your own purchase phone lists personal username and your calendar, both protected at all times against external attacks. To complete the functions of the agenda, you also have an appointment record with which you can organize all patient visits to your clinic on a daily basis. Unlike other free management programs, with Clinic Cloud you have all the necessary functions to manage your practice and your patients’ visits.

Another advantage of Clinic Cloud’s free patient management program is that you have automatic attendance receipts with your clinic logo and the information you want to add.

Beyond patient management, Clinic Cloud includes in its free version other modules designed for the financial management of your clinic, with the following functions:

Our free patient management software also includes marketing functions, aimed at communication between your clinic and your regular patients. You will be able to have a database to contact your patients whenever you need it.

And without needing more functions for your clinic

The payment options include different comprehensive management modules, you will have everything you need to manage your clinic from different devices.

With the Pro version you have advanced calendar functions and customized medical records. Both the Mini and Pro options offer unlimited patient management.

The Pro option also includes recipe generation, notes panel and alarm management. For financial management in the clinic, you will have advanced cash and management functions and a personalized billing module. You will also be able to control your stock, manage your appointments online and design different payment plans for your patients.

With Clinic Cloud you will have  Forex Email List everything you need to manage your medical clinic, tailor-made software that you can customize and expand based on your needs. If you want more information about Clinic Cloud services, contact our technical team.

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