Generate a medical appointment receipt with Clinic Cloud

Proof of a medical appointment is essential in many situations. To prove that a person has been to a health center, the patient must request a certificate in the form of a medical appointment receipt, which is also seal and certified. With Clinic Cloud you can generate receipts automatically whenever you need it, so that You can issue any type of medical certificate in a few seconds.

When proof is necessary for work reasons
Is proof necessary if I have not been discharg? Normally yes. The reason is that the company needs to confirm that, in fact, the worker has attended a medical appointment during working hours. If it has a sick leave report, the company can verify that the worker has attended a medical consultation; however, if there is no sick leave, the employer can request proof, which proves that the health consultation has taken place.

What does a medical appointment receipt include

Health documents must include the name of the medical center attended, the time, the name of the professional and the seal or signature.

What we are looking for is official proof with biz list which the company can verify that the worker was at a health center at the indicated time, therefore, the information indicated above will be sufficient to complete the summons report.

It is essential to remember that, under no circumstances, can the receipt include information about the reason for the consultation. Legislation regarding patient data protection prohibits including data about the health of a particular person in receipts of this type, therefore, the medical specialist must avoid including any information that affects the patient in the receipt of a medical appointment.

The company may request additional information as long as it does not conflict with the privacy of the worker himself. In addition, the medical professional reserves the right to provide or not provide the information requested by the company.

Is the duration of the consultation deducted from the salary

No, by law a worker receives full salary if the absence for health reasons is less than 72 hours, therefore, a consultation does not in any case imply a reduction in salary. It is also important to remember that the company cannot unilaterally request recovery of the hours not worked, because the worker has the right to be absent during the duration of the medical appointment; however, the company and worker can reach an agreement if so. Both parties agree on it.

Regarding contributions, the same right applies as with regard to salary, a person who has attended a medical consultation and has proof will have paid those hours in the same way as if they had been at their job.

Other situations in which a medical certificate is necessary
Beyond the workplace, there may be other situations in which a person must request proof of a medical appointment. There are many administrative  Forex Email List procedures that can be delay or cancel if there is medical proof, a minor of school age may ne proof if the school requires it, there are proofs to travel in certain circumstances.

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