Harness the power of video SEO

Social media channels are your rental space to reach your ideal audience. However, there is no guarantee that they will visit your website after following you.


Therefore , you need a proper marketing strategy that can build multiple touchpoints to get results and fill your sales funnel .


For example, LeatherCult leverages multiple social channels such as Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest to build a strong online presence and promote its products.


However, you also keep your sales funnel in mind by directing your followers to your website through a link in your Instagram bio.


Implement AMP Accelerated Mobile Pages

AMP (Accelerated phone number lists Mobile Pages) is an open source project that helps you improve website speed and create mobile-friendly versions of web pages that load faster.

Mobile-friendly AMP pages are lightweight, simple, and have limited use of scripts and other elements that can slow page loading times. Therefore, implementing AMP can have a significant positive impact on SEO and user engagement.

Paid search (PPC)( Image source )

And every time someone clicks on one of these websites or articles (with the “Sponsored” tag next to it), these brands pay Google. Hence the name Pay Per Click (PPC ).

Use lazy loading to improve page speed

Minimize HTTP requests

The more requests a website receives, the longer it takes to load. Therefore, Google Forex Email List recommends keeping the number of HTTP requests under 50 for the best user experience.


Combining files, using CSS sprites, and reducing the number of scripts and plugins can help minimize HTTP requests.


Lazy loading is a technique used to improve page speed by loading only necessary elements of a web page, such as images or videos , when needed .


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