How to Build a Full-Funnel Marketing Strategy

Strategies involving full-funnel marketing and omnichannel marketing can be confusing. Many articles on the topic discuss complex KPIs and goal tracking. This guide keeps it simple. Rather than giving you unnecessary details, this article aims to teach you how to build a simple and effective full-funnel marketing strategy so you can target potential buyers at all stages of your customer journey. I’ll also give you real-world examples to help you understand and follow along. What is full-funnel marketing? Full-funnel marketing means creating specialized content for each part of.

The marketing funnel

Top of the funnel, middle of the funnel, and bottom of the funnel. Content for each part of the funnel has a different goal and a different audience, as shown in the executive email list graphic below: Top-of-the-funnel marketing is aimed at customers who may not even be aware of your brand/product or a problem you can help them fix. The largest audience usually falls under TOFU because people in this stage don’t have specialized knowledge like those farther down the funnel—which is why it’s also the biggest part of the funnel. For example, we wrote a guide to answer the question, “What is SEO?” Someone searching for that question on Google probably doesn’t know what it is or that.

How to Build even exists

Let alone understand why our software is important. This is TOFU content. Middle of the funnel (MOFU) Middle-of-the-funnel marketing is aimed at people who know. They have Forex Email List a problem but don’t yet know what the solution is. The funnel is beginning to get smaller at this stage. Our guide to keyword research is a good example of MOFU marketing. Someone searching “keyword research” probably understands basic SEO but may or may not be aware that Ahrefs exists to help them with it. They are closer to becoming a customer than someone searching for beginner information but may not be ready to pull the trigger yet.

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