How to schedule a medical appointment with Clinic Cloud

One of the objectives of the Clinic Cloud medical software is to help you optimize each of your clinic’s processes in a simple way. Tasks such as scheduling an appointment or keeping a complete record of your patients’ progress are very important in your day-to-day life. In a medical center, if we have an adapted digital solution, we will not only be optimizing our time, we will also eliminate possible errors that may appear in analog records.

Scheduling an appointment with Clinic Cloud Plus is very simple, and allows you to organize all your professional appointments in a very simple way. Below, we briefly explain what the process is like with Clinic Cloud Plus.

Schedule an appointment with Clinic Cloud Plus

With this support you have personalized agendas for each professional, where you can identify each of the medical appointments you calling lists have daily, weekly or monthly. The process is very simple.Choose a day and time in your agenda form.
Once you have chosen the day and time, you will be able to access a personalized appointment box, in which you can determine what type of appointment you are going to schedule. You can indicate if it is a first appointment, if it is a referral consultation, an emergency, etc.
This box allows you to select a box, your agenda is coordinated with other agendas in your clinic, therefore the information about the availability of a box at a specific time is updated in real time.
You can also check if the appointment you are scheduling overlaps with other previously established appointments; it is the program itself that notifies you if two appointments are set at the same time.
If it is a first consultation, when scheduling the appointment you can directly create a patient profile in which you can include their personal and medical information. Once the appointment is over, you will be able to complete this field with the results of the medical analysis.
The appointment module allows you to add the service for which the visit occurs, and also specify if the patient has insurance.

Private and shared agendas

The previous process corresponds to a scheduling process in particular agendas. In Clinic Cloud you have an agenda module in all cases, even in our free version, where you can organize all your clinic appointments, in the Mini and Pro options, you also have other options such as the waiting room agenda, Group management, box management, platform for online appointments and even a specific module for call center.

In addition to the personal agendas of each  Forex Email List professional, you also have other specific common functions, which allow you to have shared agendas and bulletin boards.

Regarding shared agendas, the objective is that all users of the software have a coordinated platform, in which information of interest to the entire clinic can be available.

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