How To Use Google Ad Manager for Your Marketing Strategy

You’ve seen ads on your search engine results page when looking for various products, but did you know that Google Ad Manager provides options far beyond the basic text-based ads? You can micro-target your audience by geographic region and some demographics, making Google ads far more cost-effective than you may realize.

Getting started with Google ads doesn’t have to be scary. We’ll walk you through the process step-by-step, helping ensure you get the best possible results for your advertising dollars.

What Is the Difference Between Google Ads and Google Ads Manager

In spite of the names being similar, the two products are on opposite sides of the Whatsapp Data same transaction; namely, placing advertisements and displaying advertisements on your website.

Companies use it to drive new revenue by monetizing the traffic that comes to your website.

Google Ads are for businesses that want to promote their products. You can adjust campaigns, messaging, and more from within a consolidated dashboard. The Google Ads platform allows you to define and distribute well-timed ads with messages that are relevant to your audience at the moment.

This could mean delivering an ad for a local restaurant to a mobile device that is clearly in motion (in a vehicle!) around the dinner hour. Or showing an ad for a local jewelry store within a specified proximity to the location. This type of targeted and well-timed advertising can be extremely effective since you’re capturing prospects when they are in the mood to buy.

What Are the Three Types of Google Ads

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YouTube, which Google owns, is also available through the Google Ads platform. In terms of traffic, YouTube is the most-visited site in the Google Display Network, even though it’s technically just one of the sites in the network.

The number of hours watched on YouTube each day is more than one billion. Aside from pre-roll ads that play before YouTube videos, banners and overlays are also available. As a result, there are many Forex Email List opportunities for potential customers to get engaged with your business.

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