Integrity rules in an online database

Integrity rules in a database refer to computer processes that may be complex, but are essential for data protection. In general, the integrity of a database refers to both the rigor of its content and the protection systems available. At Clinic Cloud we have develop a series of security protocols, which not only conform to the legal data protection demands, but they go further, to guarantee that any private information, whether of the patient or the clinic itself, is protect from external attacks.

The protection of health data
Any private data that reaches a database must be protect, however, there is a type of information that requires specific protection, such as health data.

Health data refers to the health of a patient, whether it is an illness, a treatment, a diagnosis, etc., this type of document contains very specific data about the patient, and in no case can it be consult by outside personnel. to the clinic.

What are integrity rules in a database

What we know as integrity rules in a database are a series of standards that refer to access and organization of online data.

This set of rules has two main objectives on the one hand, the information telephone list contained in the database must conform to reality, but in addition, this information must be suitably protect against any type of attack.

Precision, integrity and coherence are the three concepts that govern the protection of databases, the most important thing being that the information correctly describes reality, and that the data is protect.

Physical and logical integrity in an online database
There are two concepts related to data integrity, physical integrity and logical integrity.

Physical integrity Physical integrity refers to the state of the data as it is typically maintain. Whether it is a computer attack or real damage to the servers, any alteration that could damage or modify the information contained will put the physical integrity of the files at risk. It is essential to avoid this type of situation.

Basic actions to protect the integrity of our data

Limit permissions and access to authorized personnel, whether internal or external.
Data validation whenever new information is provided.
Implementation of a firewall network adapted to the database.
Create periodic backup copies, which allow for duplicates.
Have record bases to verify access and movements.
Internal audits to verify processes.
Have very secure transfer protocols.
Work with antivirus and protocols that prevent external attacks.
As we said, these are some basic rules that should govern when protecting a database, but this protection must come from a broader strategy that takes into account all aspects of the information.

Integrity and protection with Clinic Cloud
Clinic Cloud is a software that acts as a database. One of the  Forex Email List main functions of Clinic Cloud is to store private data, which refers to both the patients’ health, as well as data related to the clinic and the center’s medical professionals, which is why Clinic Cloud has all the necessary security protocols. , specific for health centers.

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