Oil Paint Transform your photo into a digital

Oil painting with this filter. It simulates brushstrokes and impasto, producing a beautiful painterly effect.  Watercolor: Add a touch of watercolor painting to your images. Producing soft, blend able colors and an artistic paper texture. Poster Edges: This filter converts your photo. Into a stylized poster-like illustration, emphasizing the edges and simplifying the color palette.

Lighting and Shadow Effects a

Drop Shadow: Add depth and dimension to objects by applying a drop shadow, simulating how light interacts with the elements in the image.  Inner and Outer Glow: Create a soft glowing Image Manipulation Service effect. Around an object’s edges, perfect for adding a magical or ethereal ambiance. Lighting Effects: Simulate different lighting scenarios. Such as spotlights or directional lighting, to enhance the mood and drama of your images.

Photoshop Services

Color and Tone Adjustments a

Hue/Saturation: Adjust the overall hue and saturation of your image, allowing you to change colors or create stunning black and white conversions. b. Levels and Curves: Fine-tune the tonal range and Forex Email List contrast of your image using Levels and Curves adjustments, giving you precise control over brightness and shadows. c. Color Balance: Correct color casts or creatively shift the color balance in your image to achieve specific.

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