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Of the most common filters and effects in Photoshop, opening up a world of possibilities to unleash your creativity. Blur Filters a. Gaussian Blur: This classic blur filter creates a soft and smooth effect by averaging the colors in the image. It’s perfect for adding a dreamy or ethereal look to portraits or softening backgrounds. b. Motion Blur: Replicate the sense of motion by applying

This filter  which blurs the image along

A specified angle and distance. It’s ideal for simulating speed or adding dynamic effects to action shots. c. Radial Blur: Create a circular or zooming blur effect emanating from a specific Remove Background Image point in the image. This filter is often used to add a sense of motion or draw attention to a particular subject. Distortion Filters a. Liquify: This powerful filter allows you to push, pull, twist, and warp parts of the image.

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Making it useful for reshaping facial features,

Adjusting body proportions, or creating surreal effects. b. Spherize: Transform your image as if it’s wrapped around a sphere, resulting in a fun and unique distortion. It’s excellent for creating fish-eye or Forex Email List magnified effects. c. Twirl: Give your image a twisted appearance by applying the Twirl filter, which spins the pixels around a defined center point. Artistic Filters a.

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