Investing in new technologies and tools to optimize

 This is a clear indication of how invest most companies are in email marketing . Most consumers are so accustom to sending and receiving email messages today that email will likely remain a standard form of communication for many years to come. Investing in new technologies and tools to optimize your email marketing efforts could be a viable option for your company’s long-term growth. Content marketing statistics for mobile and social mia content marketing statistics: 50 content statistics that will make you a better marketer – mobile & social content marketing statistics 33.


Attention is very limit

 One in five smartphone users accesses email List their device every 5 minutes . This statistic applies to people all over the world and highlights just how often we use our phones . It’s also a stark reminder of how often many users pick up their device and put it back down. Attention is very limit. And as a content marketer you have to make a very strong impression right away or your material will quickly be overlook. 34. Both standard instagram posts and instagram stories are consider the most effective content format for influencer marketing .


Over three-quarters of respondents select instagram

 In one survey. Over three-quarters of respondents select instagram Forex Email List as their top influencer platform . Part of instagram’s appeal is the highly visual format dominat by images and short-form video content. Content marketers working with influencers should definitely take advantage of instagram’s large audience and benefits. 35. Nearly 7 in 10 adults in the unit states (69%) use the facebook platform . Among these. Almost three-quarters (74%) use the popular social network at least once a day. For marketers targeting adult audiences. Facebook is one of the best places to advertise and post content.


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