Landing page is a poorly done translation in Data Studio

I ran into problems, because when I tried toLanding page relate landing pages to transactions in a report for a client, things went awry and I always got a disconcerting “no data . ” Since I am not one to give up, I spent a good time researching on the internet. Nothing, no mentions of the error. You know why? Because almost everything you can find about Google Data Studio is in English (except my super Hack Google Data Studio course , hahaha).

Landing pageHow to fix the error right now

The euphoria of “being able to troll Google” was followed by the thought: “damn, I have to hand in the work and I can’t wait for them to fix it”… What to do now? Well, it’s superLanding page easy. If you want to top industry data solve the error and be able to differentiate between these fields, you just have to follow these steps. Edit field names. Can. Exact! The field names are an import by default but in Google Data Studio you can edit them to make them more descriptive for you. Just go to “Edit data source” and change their names . Look how I left them:

Use the new names in your workLanding page

Once you have edited them, you can now differentiate. You will see the new names in the field selection in the controls and, even better, in the field editor as you write your formula. Ready Evaristo! Fixed the problem. Conclusions Do you know what I have learned from all this? That we should not underestimate the word “expert.” Becoming an expert does not depend so much on the theory you are able to read Forex Email List or even understand. Expert comes from experience and this is achieved with practice . TRUE? I, after spending a lot of time facing Luis M. Villanueva’s brilliant demands for his data panels, think I can say that “I can consider myself a miajika of an expert.” Hahaha. Well yes, I hope you found it interesting because, you know what? I feel very proud to have discovered this. And to be able to “troll” a little bit (of good vibes) at Google. hahaha. 

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