Media Partnership Types

You can also measure and optimize your campaigns more accurately. We may collect data about the performance of each advertisement and use it to improve the effectiveness of your advertisements.


However, concerns are also being raised about programmatic advertising.

These concerns are around data privacy and the potential for ad fraud.


Advertisers and publishers must therefore ensure they are compliant. (e.g. General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) or California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA)).


You should also work with a reputable programmatic advertising company to avoid ad fraud .

Programmatic Audio and Out-of-Home Advertising

Programmatic Direct

This involves purchasing advertising inventory from publishers using programmatic cell phone number list technologies . This eliminates the need for ad exchanges.

Programmatic techniques are not limited to the digital space. It is also used to purchase advertising space on audio platforms such as Spotify. They are also used in outdoor environments such as billboards and public transportation.

Overall, programmatic advertising allows you to more personalize your advertising experience. This is the main reason why programmatic advertising is so popular.

There are several types of programmatic advertising

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Real-time bidding (RTB)

This is the most common form of programmatic advertising. In RTB, advertisers bid on ad inventory in real time as users visit websites and apps.

Private Marketplace

This is an invitation-only auction for advertising inventory, allowing only a select group of buyers to bid on advertising space.

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