Most common medical claims and their digital management

Many of the most common medical claims can be resolv with medical management-bas solutions. Beyond what we know as medical negligence, there are many problems deriv from the organization of the medical center itself, which can lead to harm to the patient. Through digitalization we can ensure that many of these medical claims do not occur, offering the patient a adequate service.

What is a medical claim

A medical claim is a formal complaint made by a patient, due to a service relat to the care receiv from the center itself.

There are different types of claims, from those call lists for sale motivat by economic issues to those that refer exclusively to medical causes. Having tools aim at solving these types of problems is essential for the patient to feel cared for at all times.

Below we look at some of the most common medical complaints and their resolution.

Medical Payment Requests
Medical payment issues account for the majority of medical claims pursued in this country.

Claims for waiting lists

One of the most complex procedures related to health is the coordination of patients on waiting lists. In many cases, medical claims are related to lack of coordination in appointments, delays, etc.

Currently, most health centers work with digitalized waiting lists, using this type of tool, it is possible to coordinate all patients, avoiding duplications, overlaps in agendas, forgotten appointments, etc.

Personal data management
Patient information must be therefor  confidential, therefore. It can only be consult by authoriz internal clinic personnel. Claims deriv from patient  Forex Email List data represent a high percentage of claims. The Organic Law on Data Protection, as well as European community. Laws establish a series of protocols and standards that must be compli with by all health-relat centers.

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